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Smart Manager involves a comprehensive and flexible system to manage all your HR processes so you can focus more on your business.

Our user-friendly interface helps managers to accept the processes, tasks, activities, and tactics in an organization that is linked to their key resource- the employees. The services include recruiting positions, incentives for workers, training and community.

Through optimizing the on-boarding process, candidate tracking protects you from losing your best talent. An applicant monitoring human resource management system helps you to control your people from your first meeting to the last day they work for your company. In the following ways, they accomplish this crucial aim.

As part of your Human Resource Management System (HRMS), performance management provides the means by which individual objectives can be allocated and monitored, feedback given, and employee evaluation criteria used. It also transmits performance information to your payroll system and allows you to set up a personalized process for initial review design.

Automated HR systems are a must for any successful business in today's economy. The type of program you choose is up to you, but a robust HRMS has rapidly become the gold standard for good reason. In addition to streamlining the HRMS running, it will also reduce costs and free talented employees for more challenging work.


Inventory management system provides the ability of assigning and tracking the inventory of a business in various locations.

The Sales Order Management, Procurement, and Manufacturing systems store item information. It also records costs and amounts of sales and inventory by location and keeps on locations from which you are not selling products.

Employee time is a key aspect of controlling the timetable of plans. To get the product or service to your clients on time, the demands of the project at hand must be met by the employees.

When companies get away from punch cards and paper schedules, it takes place with task management software. It's great to be able to create an online schedule.

Good accounting requires strong control of the inventory. You can therefore ask for your dreams inventory module to monitor, track and count inventory levels, identify objects, receive and deliver goods. This module is compatible with a method of barcoding. The Inventory module also includes transactions that help customers place and monitor orders and obtain products.


Finance services provide features such as raising claims and disbursement.

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, covering a wide range of businesses managing money, including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accounting firms, consumer finance firms, stock brokerages, investment funds, individual managers.

Financial services also deal with money, and everyone knows that time is money for entrepreneurs and individuals whose income depends on time organization. It is therefore particularly beneficial to have a time appointment solution that saves time and money.

Smart Manager is just such a program because it will help financial firms save money for themselves and their clients. One of the main goals in any bank, insurance company or accounting firm is to handle customer appointments.

To prepare a meeting correctly, the receptionist will understand the schedule of the client as well as the financial advisor's working hours, but it can become cumbersome in an organization of hundreds of staff members. As a result, when we can provide a better and more efficient approach, businesses need to employ multiple receptionists.


Smart Manager includes push notifications when an employee clocks in late or early or misses a scheduled.

Technology for workplace scheduling makes it easy for your staff to plan.

You will be able to schedule your workers in minutes with scheduling software such as Smart Manager, and they will be alerted as soon as the schedule is released, wherever they are. If something happens, they can use the free mobile app with manager approval to swap changes.

Employee scheduling applications for iPhone and Android let you use SMS, GPS and push notifications to control your workers from your mobile phone.

Push notifications — messages sent to smartphones of users from apps — can hold more than double users. It's time to pick up your own phone if you're not sending pushes! Our free high-speed service provides you with unlimited messages to both Android and iOS devices.

Register in your own dedicated diary all of your received and scheduled push notifications. Print, schedule and resend whenever necessary. For anyone in the device industry, push notifications are a must-have tool! I suggest a great service such as Smart Manager for this purpose. It's a straightforward process to install Smart Manager and the customer service is fantastic!


It involves general clock-in and clock-out times, plus GPS positions and modified phone numbers, addresses, etc. can be exported as Excel, CSV, Word, HTML, and PDF files for your employees.

• Payroll reports

PAYROLL REPORTS aid with checking rewards, including Overtime, incentives and refunds.

• Timesheet Reports

TIMESHEET REPORTS discusses general clock-in and clock-out times, as well as GPS positions and staff notes

• PTO Reports

PTO REPORTS help with checking benefits, including OT, rewards and refunds.

• Schedule Reports

SCHEDULE REPORTS define who works where, now and in the future

• Employee contact reports

EMPLOYEE CONTACT REPORTS view for your employees and updated phone Numbers, emails, etc.

• Export

Reports can be exported as Excel, CSV, Word, HTML, and PDF files for your employees.